PNB Capital has over 30 years of experience in the Accounts Receivables Industry. We specialize in connecting the right Sellers with the right Buyers to create successful business opportunities. 

PNB Capital takes great pride in operating and partnering with businesses with the highest integrity.  Our goal is to create win-win business deals for both the Seller and the Buyer. The seller maximizes the value and price of the receivable, while the buyer purchases the receivable at a fraction of the short and long-term return. We focus on matching the right Sellers with the right Buyers.

PNB Capital strives to develop and grow with the right partners long term. Not every seller or buyer is a fit for us. We are selective with the organizations that we choose to work with as our reputation and brand is always at the forefront. “It takes years to build integrity, and seconds to lose it”.

Pam Less (Brown)